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I just like doing sustainable things, creating with and for people... 

selected projects

From things to cities...


Great coffee and people in Malmö

Interior design of entrepreneur cafe and urban meeting place. 2011

School Competition


Competition about the next generation of school yards.

MKB Laundry

Built protype unit

Competition focusing on the future of communal laundry. Built 2012


Architectual design/koncept

Project development of new entry building for Finja industries


office interior

interior design for film and TV production company

Addition Lund

Built project

Addition to a villa in northern Lund   

Mobile Kitchen

Competition award

Awarded concept in a national competition for development of new, compact housing ideas   

A Kinder Garden

Off Grid Kindergarten concept

Pedagogical, sustainable and no-tox environment for the future... .


Sustainable Urban Development

Since 2014, I have worked as an architect in a municipality team developing Brunnshög in the northeastern part of Lund, Sweden

Addition Hässleholm

Restoring former beuty

A house from the around 1930 developed and restored. New interior spatial solutions


interior design

Film- and event producer Anagram moved to a new office and wanted a creative, industrial and flexible environment. Included resuse and second hand materials


starting and running a fle market

After living in the Slottstaden Area for a few years, we saw the potential of Regementsgatan as a linear flea market. With a group o friends we got the permissions and created a successful biannual enormous flea market, Sloppis

Pixi Pillows

Modular furniture concept

A set of box-shaped pillows can be used for functional or playful shapes, as invitin as LEGO


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Good ways to find and address meaningful challenges, great exercise!


There is no ideal process in my world...


Details can be as exiting as grand concept, I love to get in to the hands-on details and materials


delivery in time

design drawings

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